Villa la Belle

This project is designed togher helping construction company who design and build multimillion properties at south of France. The property included several living rooms, kitchen, two master suites, as well two secondary bedroom suites. Underground car park, lift for two people. The cost of refurbishing and construction was £2,500,000 Villa La Belle is in cap ferret peninsula to the east of Nice, France. Unique landscape of Cap Ferret is a challenging, approximately 30m height difference from lowest to top spot of the property.

Architects came up with the idea to dig down into the rock to win space for the garage which could fit up to 4 cars. The luxurious lift brings you to top floors, allowing to witness fantastic views on Mediterranean Sea as well as properties multi-level gardens. Further up above the house was located outdoor swimming pool and couple of meters higher barbecue area. On the top of the hill observatory was located for guest entertainment watching the start together. Interior was design based on owner’s taste and preferences, in Neoclassical style, with modern elements.

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